Wishlist for the videogame

  • Great gameplay (tired moves and animations, open ended reversals), AI and physics (falling, blood, weapons, and environmental physics)
  • Good roster selection (current and legends; managers and commentators playable; Impact & NJPW Forbidden Door DLC)
  • Good selection of match types (everything from Casino Battle Royal to lights out to 4 vs 4 to chain match to parking lot brawl to MMA cage fight to exploding barbed wire deathmatch to Stadium Stampede if possible); Championship poses in the matchup screen with the actual belts (always overlooked by 2K)
  • A good creation and edit suite (CAW, edit-a-wrestler, create-a-belt, create-an-arena, create-a-match, create-a-finisher, creat-a-taunt)
  • A good and stable online (community creation and lobbies) 
  • Borrow from the Japanese games and be able to choose from a selection of actual venues (Daily’s Place, MGM Grand, Arthur Ashe, United Center, TIAA Bank Field, Tokyo Dome, Arena Ciudad de Mexico, etc), referees (Aubrey Edwards, Paul Turner, Rick Knox), and be able to switch up commentary teams (JR, Schiavone, Excalibur, Taz)
  • Show designer (Create-a-PPV meets Universe Mode meets create-a-story. Basically choose your venue, select your ring/stage/pyro, book your matches/tournaments/rivalries/title defenses, choose  your cutscenes (pre match, mid match, post match, in ring interviews and promos, backstage interviews and promos, outside the arena brawls, injury segments)  and try to create the best show possible)
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