Wispi (mini karma firmware) for various type TP-link router, ex: tl-wr703n, tl-mr3020, tl-mr3040, tl-mr3220V1/v2, tl-mr3240V1/V2

3 But a firmware which is integrated inside the application pentest tesendiri certainly has value, both in terms of ease of distribution and practicality in flashing into the router.
This paper will discuss about the things that have been mentioned above, in which the authors have compiled a firmware which later was named Wispi (Wireless Spider) as firmware mini with size ≤ 4 MiB who has several tools to pentrasi wireless network.
In addition to the elaboration of Wispi, this paper will also discuss briefly about some of the projects and research that inspired this project.
2. Pr oject / Research Relevant
2.a. Project Form Router Firmware and Products. There are several projects that become the main reference of Wispi, they are line items that also implements openwrt and mengkostumisasinya to the needs of network penetration.
Among them are:  Piranha 2, piranha is the codename of a project whose product is firmware that contains tools like aircrack-ng, mdk3, nmap, dnsspoof and lainny tool. This firmware is intended for 2201 Fonera router that has the specs: Processor Chip Atheros AR2315 180MHz, Rom flash 8MiB, Ram by 16 MiB, 1 Lan and a USB port. F / W This has several versions developed by someone Bernick Orange from 2008 to 2010.
And all these versions Fonera implemented in 2201. Unfortunately, the project is not running anymore, deveper website provider of f / w was defunct.  Jasager 3, was developed by a team firmware digininja.
The most distinctive feature of jasager inherent feature is' Karma'ny. Karma is described as a tool that can provide the same response probe with probe request generated by the wireless client candidates.
Jasager name itself is diction / 2 Piranha said firmware can be downloaded at http://www.ckgaming.co.uk/openwrt/piranha/.
3 Jasager firmware can be downloaded at http://digi.ninja/jasager/download.php.

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