The Witch's Curse -- The Strange Death of Christopher Case

We're talking about the witch, after all. I think the woman added poison to her drink during the conversation. He did it because he knew the possibility of rejecting him. If he agreed to take it home, he would save the antidote by mixing it into his drink again at home. But he refused to take it home. And she knew that this poison would stop and kill her heart a week later. When he began to see hallucinations in the man with the effect of the poison, he thought that he was tying the event to the woman and doing unnatural forces. Do not forget that there are still many different poisons in which the venom in the body cannot be found in forensic research. For example, there is a substance that causes death over time when only a small amount is added to coffee, I will not tell its name. And unfortunately this item does not come out at autopsy. We even had a female serial killer who added this poison and killed their spouses with coffee for life insurance and did not appear at autopsy. I couldn't remember its name but it can be found if it is typed in Google.

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