With 1st Nationwide Fracking Law, Germany Approaches A Ban - "As long as the risks cannot be fully evaluated, fracking will be banned."

Yeah, I have major doubts about CCS for economics, and safety - even with CCS (and granted, I know very little about it, so if you know more, point me in the right direction), the CO2 isn't destroyed. I worry about the risk of a containment failure resulting in a large one-time release into the atmosphere that could have disastrous consequences for both human health and the atmosphere.

I definitely agree that renewable tech could be deployed very rapidly - and California has an electricity storage mandate now, so hopefully we'll being strides forward with large-scale battery storage. With nuclear, I think it would take a minimum of 15 years (but probably more) bring nuclear up that high because 1) the ridiculously slow permitting process (which theoretically could be made faster), but 2) the amount of engineering that goes into a nuclear plant, they just take a long time to build. There is also the problem of financing insurance - currently, private insurance companies only insure a small fraction of the risk with nuclear, and the federal government insures the rest because of the magnitude of damage we could see from a meltdown. I don't think the fed. govt has the money to insure a high number of nuclear plants all at once, so we would need big reform in the insurance sector, and insurance company lobbies have deep pockets. Another issue with building nuclear (right now) is that if we go forward with nuclear, theoretically we don't want to build more of what we have, we want better, more advanced nuclear, which hopefully will be ready for major deployment starting in 10 years (as opposed to starting now).

The thing is though, that even if we get the electricity and transportation sectors to zero carbon by 2050, which I agree with you is definitely possible though it would be hard, we still don't have a good alternative to many types of plastic. We would also need huge CCS projects in place for agriculture and forestry. :(

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