With all the talks of trading for a star - what do you think is the best return for this hypothetical package?

Roco, Dario, Fultz, and all of our picks and the Miami pick are worth squat. It won't be enough to fetch any worth while talent as we would be dumping our scraps. Why would any team give away top talent for just mediocre players? The trick is to get better, or at least get some assets. Our picks will be in the late 20's for the foreseeable future so therefore, aren't worth squat.

With that said, people saying to trade Ben are fucking crazy. He hasn't reached his potential his. Him not meeting his potential is already all-star level talent. I agree he needs to improve, but I disagree that its shooting or nothing. There are plenty of things he can work on to improve his 2 man game with Embiid that doesn't require shooting. If they can just work on their 2 man game, Sixers would improve 10 fold.

One possible trade idea though that I think make sense is: Fultz and possible a sixer first for Mikal Bridges. I just think it makes sense for the Suns and the Sixers. Suns needs a PG and Fultz has a high ceiling for the PG position - would be a great fit to develop with Booker. Bridges... low ceiling, but still solid 3 and D player - the type of guy that can still fit the sixers nicely.

I would also consider a package for Josh Hard, but not sure we have what it takes to get it done though. Roco, Miami Pick, some Sixer Picks, and Fultz? Might sound like its a lot of Josh Hart, but I see the upside on him. I doubt the lakers let him go though.

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