With all these hot takes on why we shouldn't mock Kanye's recent mental health breakdown

Well played! I'm just curious why you're so confrontational. I mean, what was the point of making the comment responding to a conversation I was having with someone else down a thread no one else is ever going to come across? Are you hoping that I'd see yours and be like... "He's right! I have no clue what I'm talking about!"

Just to be clear, my political views are probably not what you'd expect. I don't prescribe to any one set, I see extreme value in certain Conservative, Liberal, and Libertarian goals. I don't see it as dispassionate, but rather I like to hear others viewpoints and what makes them so intransigent.

I believe racism, and reverse racism, are both extremely damaging to our goals as a nation. That was merely the point. I know you said you wouldn't respond to my verbal diarrhea so I won't touch on it. But I'm more interested in your viewpoints, especially as someone as "opposite of Kanye", if you will... don't you feel your message would be better received with tact and logical responses? If i'm not worth the time then why respond at all?

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