With the Broncos pushing for Cousins, should that possible scenario worry us?

Absolutely not. This is best case scenario for the Chargers.

1) Getting Cousins will absolutely kill the Broncos cap. They’d have a huge portion of their cap going to just two players (Cousins and Von).

This will likely force them to cut two high-end players, such as Talib, CJ Anderson, and/or Emmanuel Sanders. I really think a lot of people are understanding how big of a blow losing Talib will be to their defense (which has already taken a pretty big step back from the 2015 SB team). KA has called Talib the best CB he plays against. And with Talib, Harris Jr., and Roby all on the field, where do you throw? Well, if Talib goes, you’d throw at whoever the third CB would be.

2) Cousins is who is he at this point - which is a pretty good QB, but certainly not great. Worst case scenario for the Chargers is that the Broncos draft a QB at 5 and he becomes the next star QB. Cousins is pretty good, but he doesn’t scare me at all.

tl;dr - The Ponies killing their cap and cutting really good players to get a pretty good QB would be a dream come true.

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