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I appreciate the information but I'm sure you noticed my post was purely satire and thrown together in 5 minutes. As for gun laws at a state level I live in Washington State. We just passed I-594 which forces all firearms sellers to run a background check on the buyer prior to the sale, even at gun shows where privately owned guns can be sold and traded privately off the books without Uncle Sam getting in the middle and grinding the pace of the deal to a bureaucratic crawl. As a grandchild to one of the biggest gun collectors I know and having spent a majority of my weekends handling firearms few will ever get to see first hand, I'm disappointed me and my grandfather cant walk in an auditorium full of other gun enthusiasts and choose to leave with that special something we've been wanting all year.

I understand the purpose and the numbers they spew on the commercials make it sound like its going to save dozens if not hundreds of lives, which it may (Everytown’s analysis also shows that the share of denied gun purchases fell by half between 2000 and 2013, suggesting that criminals may be seeking guns from unlicensed sellers—such as in transactions online, at gun shows and even in parking lots from strangers—to evade background checks.), but I believe a sound education in firearm safety and the responsibility we have to bare arms in times of need can prevent just as many deaths.

Some will say, "thank god this passed so we can finally live in peace" and others will say, "Stricter gun laws just prevent law abiding citizens from acquiring guns while criminals can still get them if they wanted too". I just think the guys selling guns are a decent judge of character and although there is the occasional sociopath that can charm his way through anyone, most of the time you can tell in the first 2 minutes of the conversation if the person in front of you should or should NOT have a gun at a whims notice. Me and my grandpa have refused sales just because they didn't know how to load a magazine and selling them a 9mm would have ended in a self inflicted injury or worse, an injury to a family member or friend.

What I'm getting at is if all those shootings didn't happen, and if everyone properly locked up their firearms away from children, especially ones who are uneducated in firearms, the people wouldn't have been so easily persuaded to start voting their few remaining constitutional freedoms away. Next ballot we'll see longer waits on the background checks, then tighter CWP restrictions, till eventually our grand kids will think the state issued self defense pellet gun they're allowed to own is "for the good and the safety of the people cause do we really need guns anyway?"

Then again my opinion is the definition of biased but I try to look at it from the other side at least. If it were my daughter or brother or parent I would probably feel like this is the answer. Like this would have possibly prevented my loss and will possibly prevent others from the same loss in the future. What it boils down to can be summed up in a couple comparisons, Should we regulate who buys forks and spoons, when and for how long they have to wait to get them because obesity and heart disease are some of the leading killers of Americans? Should we crack down on the availability of vehicles just because car accidents claim thousands of lives a year? A gun is a tool, like a fork or a car, and with proper education and training that tool becomes an extension of you. How you use it is up to you but those tools should not have to take the blame for its owners bad choices.

All those that vote for gun control should keep in mind that police related shootings of civilians happen all the time, school shootings, bank robberies, all that can happen at any time. I'd rather have trained civilians with concealed carries there and ready to protect the public when the time comes instead of calling the policing and PRAYING the response time is under 25 minutes... Cause you can shoot a dozen people before the cops come, but while you're calling them hoping you or anyone else doesn't die before they show up I'll be ready with pistol in hand, not to shoot the guy dead Clint Eastwood style but to detain him, diffuse the situation and make sure no one loses their life.

Sorry about the rant. I'm a bit argumentative before my coffee. lol

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