With Hidalgo running Harris County, a pandemic becomes political

All I asked was a question as to why the Vietnam meme started because I saw it everywhere and my point is wartime deaths really aren’t a comparison for covid.

It's a valid comparison for two reasons:

Firstly, because Americans are generally horrified at the death toll of the Vietnam war. That number was reached as the result of years of conflict. COVID19 has killed more in a vastly shorter amount of time.

So you moan about how it's "no worse than the flu," but it's killed more people in three months than an actual war did in years.

Do you see the validity of the comparison? It's attempting to contextualize the seriousness of the event in historical terms. This is a virus that is deadlier than a near-contemporary military conflict.

Secondly, it's appropriate because the dipshit in the white house has declared himself a "wartime president." He has invited the comparison of this event to a wartime event.

I am going to do what is needed to protect me and my family but I am not going to panic or hide from the world because life is to short and you are never guaranteed tomorrow

Oh okay. So you're like those yolo dipshit spring breakers in Florida?

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