With how low HODL is along with our roadmap and the Bull Run of Tax Season secure your bag now. I’m looking forward to the day we can stake as I work my way up the ladder of top 500 holders. Happy Holidays everyone and Stay Safe.

This Hodl Token 2.0 shit got rugpulled already. Hodl 1.0 was rugpulled by its own scammer Devs. The old Devs took their share of BNBs and have sold the thing to these new bunch of scammers. The new bunch of scammers were actually paid shillers in the old Telegram group. The new scammers rebranded it as Hold2.0 and is planning to do the same rugpull as the old Devs did. Their tokenomics is a classic example of a ponzi scheme where new investors are taxed heavily to reward old investors. If they register this shit in my country, they will be behind the bars in no time.

The old scammers were Indians. Possibly some scam call centre dudes. The tokenomics is a pyramidal ponzi scheme. They never doxxed. Neither did the new Devs. Whatever info they are giving about the so called doxxed guy in their website is false. Please report this coin to some YouTube channels who expose scam coins.

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