With so many studies claiming that ugly/plain people aren't as intelligent, happy, or healthy as beautiful people, are the non-beautiful people expected to just shut up and accept that they will never have anywhere near as much intellect or happiness?

I consider myself an ugly guy. No one has ever been attracted to me. But I've spent much of my life admiring the works of scientists, philosophers, and artists. I've read the literature of Franz Kafka and the history of colonial America, and I enjoy questioning people and debating with them in a calm, collected manner.

Even so, all of my relatives are more beautiful or sexy than me, and not a single one of them is even intelligent enough to name one Native American tribe, or discuss politics realistically. Many of them have emotional issues that are quite plain to me, and often get into fights over petty, useless disagreements.

How can I accept that I am less intelligent than them? Heck, given how much anger and stress they have in their lives, I must be reasonably happier too.

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