With the news that only the Galar Dex will be available to send from Pokemon Home in Sw Sh

For me to make any peace with this I need 3 things.

-Pokemon cannot be hacked into the new gens and they're doing this as a way to stop hacked Pokemon entering the game from previous gens.

-All of the Pokemon (with the exception of legendary/mythical) to be available over the new games and the Sinnoh remakes so long as they're in the same gen. Plus the legendary/mythical to be released as events.

-Reasonable balancing to the competitive scene.

Even number 3 is something I could live without but 1 & 2 need to be guaranteed. I was already 50/50 on buying the new games because it means I'll have to be a new console as well, which I was willing to do but as it currently stands, I'll just want for a serious price reduction until next year.

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