With spring season coming to end, which anime was worth your time / will be worth binging? Which one was disappointing?

  • Owari No Seraph. It was an alright anime. Nothing extravagant, it had a good OP & ED as well as music, some of the animation was rusty here and there but the backgrounds were generally nice. I feel like S1 (this season) is like a ''prequel'' to the upcomming. Technically it is.. and... well. It is. *DxD Born. I loved the first couple of arcs. It was exactly what i was searching in erhm.. plot oriented anime(s). The last couple of episodes are a little rusty since they're filler, kinda. *Arslan Senki Quite alot of CGI, story is building up and i can't wait. Many plottwists and it plays with your allegiance.
  • F/SN UBW Well, classic Ufotable. Speaking strictly from an anime viewpoint, It's very good. Ufotable has added many hints and minor details which puts up the score for me (you can search them) as well as some pieces like ''Answer'' from F/SN which are very hard to animate; have been, to a certain degree. It's alright as an adapation, in my view.
  • Kekkai Sensen Jazz, Explosions, AAA Voice Actors. Love it.
  • Nisekoi Nothing;Happens V2.0
  • Re-kan Soundtrack is pretty boring but the story and comedy is alright. It was meh in my opinion.
  • Shokugeni no Souma It had great minor details as well as animation. It's following the manga quite well. Loving it.
  • Yamada-kun Well, it's rushed; but for what it's worth it's alright. It could have been an utter trainwreck, but it's working. It could be alooot better but >90 chaps >12 eps.
  • DanMachi It's a good show. The story was just picking up and it's about to end, but it's good.
  • Mikagura It was good. No comment. *Plastic Memories. Haven't seen the new episode yet but you can feel the heartbreak.
  • Punch Line Pantsu superpowers. and some others but i'm to lazy. I'm generally happy with this season.
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