Wizard vs sorcerer?

If you don't mind me asking, which crafting feats would you be most in favor of? I'm working on a (somewhat extensive) mod and I'd really like to help Wizards out. Some Wizard-related things I've added so far are more metamagic feats and Opposition Research.

Someone else made a mod for Scribe Scrolls, which is pretty helpful. All of those unused slots can be turned into scrolls, which you can either use, or sell for the same cost you made them. (The lack of scrolls in vendors/loot should be pretty easy to fix too.)

Another thing that comes to mind is utility spells. A fellow redditor wrote up a nice list. I haven't implemented them yet, because I got sidetracked with Oracle, but I want to get back to those. Having easy access to utility would be a nice thing for wizards IMO.

I'm also thinking Fast Study could be useful. If you leave a slot unmemorized at rest, you could fill it during the day, and in 1 minute you'd have that spell ready. That would let Wizards take advantage of their flexibility, perhaps?

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