Wizards is considering printing new cards exclusively in the old border

a lot of people are saying it would be bad if there weren't new border versions and that everything should have availability in both styles so people can choose

but that's not how it has ever worked

there are thousands of cards that are only available in the old frame and thousands more that are only available in the new frame

if Commander Legends 2 was all new and old frame only, i'd buy a case. i have always hated the new frame, to me it makes the cards looks like a website

Asmor is rumored to be coming, i'd love to see CL2 be an all old frames set with playable versions of old characters whose current cards suck ass and characters from the old stories that never got cards.

Asmor in particular should have an old frame card, she's one of the oldest characters left who doesn't have a card.

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