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If you're anything like me, it's easy to get down on yourself. In fact, it can be a daily occurrence if you're too deep. The problem with today's mindset is that we are all on some sort of schedule in which we have to achieve something, which isn't true at all. So what, you turn 30 next year. No big deal. Lots of people took until their fifties before their success really skyrocketed. You've got to weigh yourself on a scale of what you think you can achieve, no one else.

I have been in the same mindset for a lot of this year. Graduated college last year with a degree I can't do much with in this state, currently sitting in a job I fucking hate just to make way, and laying in tens of thousands of student loan debt. I'm not too satisfied with my appearance and my s/o struggles daily with the same stuff. But over the course of this year I have realized that I have to be the change I want to see. Daily. Hourly. Every second of every goddamn day. No one owes me anything and I sure as hell don't need to compare themselves to me.

Bitch from highschool just got a $60K car from her parents? No sweat, I drive a 93 Buick but at least the motherfucker is paid off and does exactly what it needs to do. Hate my job and want out? Alright, time to grind and learn some programming so I can make myself marketable in my state. Need to lose some weight? Sounds good, time to buckle down, gain some self-discipline and commit.

There are things in this world that you can't control. Your parents are going to get old. Hell, my dad walked out on us a few years ago and I had a great relationship with him. That's been shot to hell now, but I'm still trucking. Debt will come, but it doesn't define you and you can take control of it. Even the minimum payment on credit cards, medical bills, or student loans is something. Still counts as a payment, still helps your credit score.

No savings? Alright no problem. Open up a separate checking account with another bank or credit union and have your employer deposit like $50 of each check into that account. There, now you have $50 in savings.

Life is fucking brutal and it really doesn't give a shit, but you've got purpose and you've got a goal. Age is just a number, but success is a mindset and discipline is a lifestyle. Don't sweat the small stuff, dude. Stick with it and keep going.

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