WOL, Stacking Defensive Abilities. and an Evasion WOL build.

He has about a 58% dodge rate from the front and it becomes 33% with Illusion. I estimate with maxed out evade VC I can probably get him to 19% Hit rate. Keep in mind this is the hit rate from a Lv89 Shadowlynx who is also experiencing the LUCK increase, thus increasing her ACC. So the Hit Rate might actually be less.

I use Magicite eye Mask for the 10% wind resistance for Sharpshooting Lucias, Cleansing the Mind for the increase LUCK and Missile resistance. Odin Lv75 on 25%Man Eater and 20% Slash attack up, 3% evade, and 2% atk up. With all the LUCK up he doesn't really have an accuracy problem. The only time is when the team has a MAX evade team with Vinera.

But even then, if Vinera runs up to attack I usually use Stop strike from WOL, Shadowbind from Shadowlynx, and Stop from Phoebe. Usually one of those ends up Stopping Vinera. Sometimes WOL ends up evading Vinera's attack and since he has 25% man eater and 20% slach atk up, I have been able to one shot Vineras.

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