Wolfenstein developers are “incredibly disappointed” that fighting Nazis is now “problematic”

Multiple people, in just this thread alone, keep insisting it's because they were conflating Trump supporters as Nazis with their marketing, but nobody has actually given a concrete example of how that is the case.

So they used the phrase "Make America Nazi-Free Again", but how is that conflating the two? It's not like they had Nazis in-game saying "Make America Liberal-Free Again" as a way to call Nazis the same as Trump supporters, instead all the marketing suggests is that conservatives should be for-fighting Nazis, in a game literally about an alternative-history USA taken over by Nazis, just like they should be for making "America Great Again" in ours - how is that controversial let alone calling Trump Supporters Nazis?

It just sounds like the people who think that the Wolfenstein developers are saying that Trump supporters are Nazis, are in fact doing that themselves.

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