Woman argues with judge and gets 300 days in jail.

Man, I almost don't even know where to start here, considering your response denoting that you have a startling lack of reading comprehension, but ok, Wolfknight, I'll bite.

Please expound upon the manner in which her conduct might have limited his future judicial powers or the manner in which his credibility might be damaged.

In the most simple theoretical terms I can put forward, the judge allows this woman to get away with her temper tantrum (because that's all that this was; an exhibition of an infantile lack of emotional restraint in a circumstance that categorically required a level of maturity) and not only is her childlike behavior immediately validated in her own mind as being effective (reinforcing a pattern I'm sure is deep seeded already, which is why she's in court in the first place) on a personal level, it also sets a precedent within his local judiciary system. Everyone who is witness to his cow-towing to her spoiled hissy-fit immediately files this judge away as a pushover and "easy on contempt", which, in turn (in this glorious age of the internet), spreads further through word of mouth and media coverage, in a gradually snowballing manner (you know, on sites like reddit and shit), which ultimately results in his efficacy as a judge, and his credibility being damaged irreparably.

Still with me, Wolfgina? Good.

Exercising self-control and restraint of power is not the same thing as endorsing unacceptable behavior.

No shit, Sherlock. Except in this situation, the only one that couldn't seem to exercise self-control was the blabbering bitch in the jail cell. The judge responded to her lack of self-restraint with appropriate punishment, which was exactly what was needed considering she wouldn't shut the fuck up, even after multiple 30 day additions to her original sentence. There was no abuse of power, you fuckwit; there was an appropriate response to her being a spoiled brat in the context of a judicial system that hinges on acting like a mature adult and being accountable for what you say and do.

To reference your inappropriate analogy of dog obedience: this is like punching your dog in the face for shitting on the rug and continuing to punch it until it stops biting you and trying to get away.

My analogy was straightforward and directly related to this woman's pattern of continuously not knowing when she was acting out of turn. If a dog (or human), repeatedly engages in behavior that is inappropriate, that behavior must be immediately responded to with an appropriate punishment that is in direct proportion to the offense committed, else the behavior is never going to be corrected.

Your "analogy" is not relevent or applicable here. It makes you seem more of a dullard than establishes a coherent argument. You are grasping at straws.

The woman is clearly in the wrong and a lesson is necessary, however, excessive abuses of power based off "disrespect" or "offense" are unecessary

This displays a clear lack of understanding of how contempt of court is a slippery slope. There was no excessive abuse of power here, you SJW twat. There was an unruly, immature person refusing to respect the judge and a response by said judge based on her continued behavior.

I imagine you might make the same argument concerning a citizen that is verbally abusive with an officer of the law.

Once again, displaying your lack of intelligence by making a huge logical leap where it is not warranted whatsoever.

The rules for an officer of the law and a judge are completely different, as their roles in the justice system are nothing alike. So no, I wouldn't make this same argument if a Police Officer was being verbally abused, because that Police Officer does not wield the same power as a Judge does, and does not operate in a Courtoom, but instead in Public, where Freedom of Speech protects us. (Hint: Freedom of Speech doesn't cover you in a Court of Law)

I suggest you educate yourself on the history of Being Held in Contempt and why the mechanism is in place before you make any further statements on the subject to avoid looking like a whiny self-entitled child like you have here, Wolftitty.

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