Woman arrested for "resisting arrest" after putting on hazard lights and driving less than a mile to a lit parking lot for safety - which is exactly what the police themselves recommend.

I had a similar situation happen to me. I had just gotten into the first accident that was my fault. I had lightly tapped the back of a taxi, because my foot slipped while I was breaking. We were in a one-lane exit ramp and the taxi just... sat. We were blocking traffic, and a few cars started to attempt to drive around us. We were also right next a place where I regularly see homeless panhandling, about fifty yards from a strip club, and I had stopped riding my bike through that particular because of the creepy men who catcalled me. (And I'm not particular "sensitive". I work in clubs and bars, but these guys said scary things, like I shouldn't be out alone, and where my boyfriend was, etc). Frustrated at the taxi driver and the situation, I carefully pulled in front of him, waited, and drove slowly to a well-lit parking lot a little distance aways and waited for police to arrive. The officer arrived, was incredibly rude, asked if I was high MULTIPLE times although I showed no signs or symptoms of intoxication and was definitely sober. I didn't have a copy of my proof of insurance on me as it had been shipped to my moms house. He started to write me a ticket despite me telling him that I was insured and I just needed to call my mom. When she texted me a picture of my up-to-date insurance card, the officer got agitated, huffy, and silent but I figured the matter was resolved. I had traded insurance information with the taxi driver, talked to the owner of the company, and acknowledged that I knew the Arizona law required me to get a ticket for "Failure to Prevent an Accident". When I received it, however, it also included a citation for "Fleeing the scene", which meant that I had to go to court and could potentially receive a felony charge for a hit and run. Yes, a felony hit and run for an fender bender (with no visible damage) after waiting patiently for police to arrive. Luckily, when I went to court, I explained the situation and they immediately dropped all charges. But I spent a month worrying about whether or not my future was ruined because some asshole with too much power was in a bad mood on a bad day.

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