Woman desperate for sexual validation blames patriarchy for making her like this, blames patriarchy for valentines day and blames OK cupid for her being single

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I feel steadily uglier—oh global capitalism

Aaah, "global capitalism", if your argument against patriarchy sounds too hollow, blame "capitalism" because, you know, feminism is marxism 2.0

Keep women feeling sad

It's literally not everyone else's job to make you happy.

and we’ll buy all the gym passes and Maybelline foundation you’ve got.

Women didn't create these markets. Men did. And women are so powerless they now run all the fashion and beauty magazines "because men make them". Yeah.

Because if we weren’t fixated on being perfect decorative objects, we’d spend less energy buying shit, and more energy reaching the upper echelons of politics, business, and journalism. Also, staging violent revolution.

The self-irony here... you're literally saying your a shallow twat, while sarcastically calling yourself a shallow twat ... and blaming "capitalism" for your failings... of being a shallow twat. Wait, what was that?

Also, staging violent revolution.

Holy shit... what?

But let’s be real. If I only felt sexually desired enough, I would shut up about the violent undoing of male domination and lean in to Valentine’s Day. And then it occurs to me: I have an endless source of positive affirmation from random men–OkayCupid!

Cue blaming dating sites for only containing men wanting to fuck her and nothing else. Is "validation" code word for "supporting financially"? I don't know.

Okay, alright, alright, guys, maybe this Valentine’s thing isn’t going to be so bad. There are 10-15 actual human men (and one Quincy turkey) who would totally engage me in sexual intercourse, filling my womb with seed and my life with purpose.

So, you're just being honest that you have this vapid desire to be "wanted" and you hate that because it's patriarchy? I don't know whether to commend your honesty or berate your shallow and useless existence. You are the needy vain chick that nobody wants to date, and I certainly don't want to fuck.

Not all women are like that. Get a clue.

Or maybe we ladies should forget this whole sex thing. Maybe we should use Valentine’s day as an opportunity to connect with ourselves.

Where the fuck do you get off, pushing your own atrocious life perspective on other women?

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