Woman fired for allegedly telling black US couple to ‘stay in their hood’

What the fuck, you should’ve stopped with the first paragraph bc you hit the nail on the head there. That second paragraph ruined it and you sound extremely ignorant.

-“A lot of whites appear to be extremely bitter that someone, somewhere could possibly be doing to them what their ancestors did to the natives years ago” so are you saying this white lady thinks this black man is going to rape her? That is fucking weird to say and purely came from your own ideas…. Never once did she say that. That in itself is racism, you created that narrative based on your own prejudices about his race………..

Also, “karma” isn’t fucking real idiot. White Americans did and still DO horrible, shitty things to minorities…. It’s not some bullshit magic “what comes around goes around”… it’s literally fear passed from generation to generation.

You used that comment to just talk shit on white people & maybe feel good for putting your 2 cents in? instead of actually using some sort of brain power to understand what he’s feeling. I can guarantee it’s hot happening because he’s trying to rape her, and that bitch damn well doesn’t feel like she “could possibly get raped” by a nice black couple walking their dog.

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