A woman flipping off protestors while in line to see Dave Chappelle in Minneapolis.

I think there is reason to mention transgender people because everything about them is a grey area. There is all the confusion about what is gender and what is sex. There is the topic of sexuality. Is a man that has sex with women including trans women bi? gay? straight? There is a ton of room for social commentary and he included some when he talked about Daphne but most of it is a " I stand with the harry potter author" or not bothering to use pronouns or terms properly and mentioning them in a derogatory way. I did see some push back about how comedians always made fun of the most vulnerable and nobody cared about Dave making fun of drug addicted homeless people. Why is one group acceptable to dehumanize and one is protected? Is it ok because black crack heads do not matter for either racial or economic reasons? Anyways just wanted to point out I am not one of the people that think you can not mention or make jokes about trans people but he seems to do it in a cruel way and him dragging this on is a bad look in my opinion.

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