Woman is mortified that her daughter was circumcised, Son was also circumcised but its ok because, "it's cleaner and healthier for boys" (crosspost from /r/twox)

It's obviously less bad than more common forms of female circumcision, but are there health benefits?

The same level of health benefit for males. The removal of the clitoral hood means less of a breeding ground for bacteria and the female equivalent of smegma.

1 in 100? You take those odds then.

I did. I am phimosis free at 21 years of age, even then if I had phimosis I would have sought other means of rectifying it than having my foreskin cut off.

Leave people the freedom to allow a non-invasive procedure andnot only avoid this...

Alternatively you could just not cut off the foreskin until phimosis definitively presents in a child. This can occur as early as 3 years old. 1 in 100 chance is exceptionally low, you have a 1 in 7 chance of getting prostate cancer in your lifetime, that doesn't mean you should have your prostate cut out just to be safe.

...but also a higher risk of infection.

The risk of infection is essentially eliminated if you wash under the foreskin. You would have less chance of fungal infections if you removed your finger and toe nails, we don't do that though because its unecessary.

Personally, I've actually had the latter problem as an uncircumcised male, it's not fun- you're foreskin is so crusted over you can't pull it back. It hurts like hell, but more important is really unsanitary.

That just sounds like bad luck because neither myself or my two brothers, all of whom are uncircumcised, have never had this issue. Do you wash regularly with soap under your foreskin?

With a little more research, I think I'd agree. However, the removal of prepuce is usually not what is meant by female circumcision.

No no, the point was that they should both be illegal because they are both unecessary. I am not advocating to make the removal of the clitoral hood legal.

My problem with all forms of circumcision is that they are an unnecessary procedure performed on infants for very flimsy reasons. I don't care if you reach the age of 18 or older and decide you wanna go get your foreskin/clitoral hood cut off, more power to you. I have a real problem if you think you can make that decision for anyone else.

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