A woman’s experience taking off the hijab.

Your second point defeats itself. Wrath from Allah not from other people, where does human beings enforcing Allah wrath come from?

Back to your first point and it seems like you didn't read what you typed.

"So if they do not withdraw from you or offer you peace or restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you overtake them." This is in terms of self defense, in case you didn't know that the Quran was revealed during a time when muslims were kicked out of their homes.

I am only replying to you in good faith and it is not good to twist things to suit your own purposes. Islam has many problems and people like you choosing to focus on misinterpreted verses that are twisted to fit whatever agenda you are trying to push are a serious problem. I hope you change your ways because you are doing nothing but making my job of bettering muslims harder.

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