Woman used pair of pants to strangle 10-year-old stepdaughter to death, police say

Well, good for you! You must have good doctors! Every time I go to the doctor, I'm prescribed something new for depression. Last year, it was zoloft, this year I switched doctor's, now it's lexapro. Meanwhile, I was diagnosed with PMDD which is a condition where I get really depressed and irritable during my periods. Easily solved with birth control. Guess who can't get either of two doctors to prescribe birth control for me? But I have two different antidepressants in my house. I refuse to take them. Had a bad experience with them and when it old my doctor's, hey I'm having suicidal thoughts and I didn't have those before, they upped my dose and made it worse. I was having full on daydreams about slitting my wrists and dancing in my own blood. Then I cold turkeyed it and had a bad time... But I survived it and I will never trust another antidepressant. Yeah, I'm depressed some days but I am not suicidal. Something's up with the way my liver processes them or sumn and when I tried to ask the docs for help, they fucked me more.

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