Woman wants justice after dog killed in random attack in Brooklyn's Prospect Park

I am absolutely done with all of you posting this garbage for cheap upvotes. No one is actually arguing this. You are intentionally taking a nuanced argument and making it overly simplified and, therefore, stupid sounding.

What literally everyone you are mad at is saying (with mountains of evidence to back them up) is that if you actually give a damn about solving these sorts of problems long term you need to a) treat the problem at its source [so fix the systemic poverty-> jail cycles] and b) provide actual resources for people who are already caught in this trap.

All humans deserve dignity and support and an actual real chance at a good life. And guess what - if they actually get these things crime goes down. Turns out a lot of crime is from desperation and a lack of other options. ( Insert surprised pikachu face). Fixing this involves spending on those dreaded social services you all seem to hate. There’s a reason all the socialist countries are happier than America.

But hey- keep letting the politicians owned by big business bleed you dry while simultaneously brain washing you to keep begging for more.

Though it’s really 50/50 that you’re actually a Russian troll farm.

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