Woman, when was the last time you were truly angry with someone?

My aunt really upset me. She has a lot of mental issues, and I get it. Shit's rough. She lives with my grandmother, and it seems she just adds more stress to her.

But what pissed me off: the last 3 dogs she had were tiny, untrained monsters. One died because the other 2 attacked it. After those dogs passed my cousin (her son), agreed to get her a dog on the condition that she take it to obedience school and actually train it. For some reason, my aunt decided she wanted a whippet. A dog that requires a ton of energy, and my aunt can barely make it out of bed. So the dog is crated most of the time. Never taken to obedience school, and neglected.

My cousin just got stationed in Hawaii and can't take his amazing well behaved dog with him, and asks my aunt to take care of it. Now she can't stand her current dog, and had us rehome it for her, and she's talking about getting *another dog.

I'm beyond furious at this point. These are living animals, not a fucking tomogatchi you can neglect. She isn't capable of taking care of herself, let alone another dog!

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