The woman who stays is always treated the worst.

If it happened to them, they would likely sing a different tune

No. It happened to me and it did not affect my belief that victims of abuse should leave their abuser.

I would argue that leaving an abuser takes a lot more courage than staying with one. To say that escaping from a dangerous situation makes one "ripe for missfortune" is complete bullshit. Where do you get this nonsense? It is also insulting to victims who had the strength and courage to leave.

And yes, cheaters are abusers.

I agree that some commenters are a little to forceful in their advice to leave cheaters, maybe some of them do it for selfish reasons. Similarly, many people how advise to stay with a cheaters are also to forceful in their opinions. I will bet as many people say to say for selfish reasons as say to leave for selfish reasons.

Get off your high horse. Staying with a cheater/abuser doesn't make you a hero.

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