Woman with 600 illegal images on her computer spared jail.

You are doing exactly the same but turned around by 180°. These people are individuals and if their ideology is wrong then it's wrong. It's not more wrong for the male members and less wrong for the female ones. We don't need a male army fighting a glorious battle against feminism. We as a society need to find a solution to a problem we all face: People are still categorized in groups and these groups are treated differently. We don't want that anymore. We want to be treated as individuals and human beings.

This is not a fight of men against women or MRAs against feminists. If that's what you want i don't know on who's team i'll end up but it will defnitly not be yours. I don't identify with your bigoted views at all. I'm not pro men or pro women. I'm pro people. Everybody has a right to be treated like a human being. Men are being denied that right in courts and women in many situations in stem fields. I don't give a fuck who has it worse - who could tell anyway and what would it even matter? - there are problems that need solving for all groups (men, women and any kind of minority). Assuming that men should organize in one group is such bullshit. from what i see i have nothing in common with you. That's the whole point: We are both men but that doesn't mean that we are one team or alike in anything but a few physical factors. We are individuals first, human beings second. Being a men is very low on my list because there is no definition for it.

Maybe my testoserone influences my action and maybe oestrogen does the same for women but my conciousness is what makes me a person and that person is an individual and not model xx or xy. Some studies say that men naturally are more interested in sciences and women are more interested in child care or liberal arts others say that those findings are bullshit. I say it doesn't fucking matter. I'm an individual and if i want to get into child care nobody has the right to deny me that just because i have a y instead of an x. Nobody should deny a woman entrance into male dominated field because of her sex either. If she's good at math let her do math. If she can carry the garbage let her be a garbage "man". If i love leading a house hold let me clean the goddamn house and raise the kids. It's my not "my decision as a men to ..." it's "my decision as an individual that wants to do/likes to do/is good at to ..."

I don't want more rights for men. i want it to not matter wether i'm a men or a woman. I want to be an individual. I'm lucky: I'm hetero and i'm studing electrical engineering. I'm white too. Most of that makes it easier for me (*). If i wanted to get into education being a woman would be way better and being bi- or homosexual would be worse in any case. I want to live in a world where these thoughts are completly pointless where people say "you should go into child care. You are great with children!" or "you're great at math you should study that!". You and me we are not a team just because we have similar chromosomes. That's bullshit.

(*) and i've seen racism and sexism from university staff towards minorities and women go unpunished. It has never been directed towards me so far so i guess being a white hetero male is pretty great in this context.

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