"Women are basically just sex bots with bad attitudes--If we didn't want to fuck them we'd throw them in the bin." Gee I wonder why these men have no success with dating. /s

Who cares if incels are misogynistic? They got no power over anything, and they hold views that only argue on why they deserve to be at the bottom of hierarchy. They will never have influence over how the structure of society is formed, or what policies we enforce on society, as long as they got shitty social standing, which they will always have, as they aren't even making any rational arguments on why they deserve better social standing.

Nobody ever cares if black people are racist, because they got no power as collective force when it comes to race. They got no chance to hold black supremacist views and enforce those views to be dominating force in society. Incels are very similar to that situation when it comes to misogyny. Incels will never be able to hold enough power in the hands to force their beliefs on anyone. The term "incel" that they identify as already suggests that they deserve to be at the bottom of hierarchy, as it is term that implies inferiority.

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