Women control 60% of the personal wealth in the US. Women account for 85% of all consumer spending.

Men are more driven to succeed at work and business. That’s why a majority of Fortune 500 ceos are men. They are also less satisfied. That’s why 90% of suicides are men. Men are also much more inclined to make smarter and more efficient decisions. They spend less money and generally smarter in life.

Women are usually happier in life. Most are narcissists and can’t make smart decisions which is why they need guys to do it for them. They also raise the kids so they are more likely to spend money for the family. Women also do better academically because they are usually easier majors and are usually smarter at writing, reading and studying. However they struggle mightily with complex subjects like engineering, math, finance, science and accounting.

In terms of young professionals, men far outpace women in earning. A majority of high paying careers like investment banking, commercial real estate, software engineering, have much more men almost probably 5x as much then women. Why because men are more technical and can make quicker faster decisions and can handle extreme pressure and situations lots by. Why because we have 10x the amount of testosterone. Most young professional girls work in hr, marketing or pr. Why because they are usually more sociable, can attract people easier and they are easy relaxed professions.

In conclusion woman have it easier in life because they have the ability to date up and control the market. They also usually get things handed to them. However when it comes to marriage, men control the market and can choose if they want to get married or not. Woman can’t because there biological clock is ticking everyday.

Women may have it easier now but as we get older it is skewed to me.

My advice though, don’t let women control your life like my dad. He’s been divorce-raped 3 times and still pays lots of alimony every month. He’s also a beta but makes a lot of money so it’s not even a dent. However for most guys this isn’t the case.

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