Why is it women want equality but wont accept equal insults?

  1. Equal pay has been debunked thousands of times and I don’t have any female colleagues who are paid less. That’s just something you hear in mainstream media so it must be real!! You must also support that women who play soccer should get equal pay to Ronaldo because of the wage gap.
  2. Paternity leave is way less common than maternity even though they are paid equally. In my company, males don’t get this leave and are still paid equally if not less.
  3. As if catcalling only exists for females? I’ve been hurled slurs at a few more than a couple of times. Most of the time I’m just ignored whereas my female counterpart gets the attention.
  4. Yes as if all the crimes that are committed are against women? Read some stats and see males are usually the victim and hence more likely to die because of crimes.

On top, we have people like you who keep pressing men more and more. I’m in Canada and let’s be honest women are treated better than men and if you think or say anything different, then the dual standards kick in and you’re a bigot.

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