I think women expose themselves in public way more than men.

When I asked why you being a dick? and you responded by saying “Because you’re using porn to give yourself ‘data’. Do you not see how ridiculous that is?” How is that not admitting to being a dick? I’m not being a snoflake - I’ve been saying all along you didn’t have to be a dick plain and simple. Also who says I’m shaming women? I just asked why it’s not creepy to expose yourself in public if you’re a woman. Seems like a reasonable question. My issue is with the innocent people in the backgrounds of these sorts of pictures. If a family member of mine was standing on a public bus and didn’t know somebody (male or female) was fucking off in front of their cameras on the internet I would be freaked out big time. Those people deserve to be protected against that. But as long as it’s being celebrated I believe a lot of those people will just continue being victims of this crime unknowingly.

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