Women, how is you relationship with your brother/s (if you have any)

We used to be best friends, now we rarely talk.

At some point he changed a lot and became an asshole. When I tried to tell him a story or just a joke, he would say "why are you telling me this?" or "I don't want to hear this lame story". He would make fun of me, just because. So I stopped talking to him, and then he tried to portray me as the bad one who got mad without a reason at all.

He also became kinda sexist and when I decided to start working as a software engineer he told me that it's not for women and that I shouldn't be taking men's spaces. He also made fun of my man who mostly cooks in our relationship. So I told my brother to fuck of.

And I wasn't the only one. He lost almost all of his friends that he knew since high school or even before, now he hangs outfit with some old dudes from his work. And his was almost divorced him. I still think she should, I would do it if I was her.

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