Women of Miami, Beware! A famous pick up artist from Spain is headed that way for a conference. If you see this guy, avoid him! Story in comments

I'm the girl in the photo, and the truth is that Alvaro and this guy approached me and told me they were a gay couple. They said they they thought I looked interesting and friendly and I stood out with my cowgirl boots (I'm from Texas). I make it a point to get to know people that are friendly so I accompanied them to grab a coffee they invited me to. The whole time we spoke at Starbucks, I asked them about their relationship and they said they were a couple transitioning from casual dating to a real relationship. Alvaro reminded me so much of one of my best gay friends that it was so easy to open up and speak to him, and he played the part very very well. After this homosexual couple asked to take a selfie with me, I didn't think it was weird, because we were having a great conversation and I thought, "hey people in Madrid are so nice!" Alvaro excused himself to go have a smoke and I asked the other guy more about him and his relatinoship with Alvaro and the guy kept talking about how he was bisexual and that Alvaro like men more, while he liked women more, so it was confusing. I kept telling him that I thought they looked and acted happy together. He then tried to kiss me, and I pushed him away, but he was laughing and trying to play it off like it was a joke. I naively didn't think anything bad about it, because people in Spain kiss on the cheeks and my gay best friend does tha to me all the time. I just pushed him off and laughed it off. Afterwards Alvaro and his boyfriend asked me to go hang out with them at a jaccuzi. I told them I didn't want to, that I should probably go home, and they were playing stupid like it wasn't a big deal because they were gay. I got up to walk out and they got up at the same time as me. We get outside and they tell me that I would just be walking with them,t hat I didn't have to go inside the place with them, and that it was nearyby the busy city center anyways. So I wanted to be polite and walked with them, until Alvaro called over a cab. His "boyfriend" then acted like he suddenly remember he was running late for some important work thing and Alvaro asked me to still go with him. Me, thinking he was a nice gay guy (who acted the part) and also the part of me that is very stupid, decides to go with him. I'm a little hesitant to go with Alvaro, but like I said, Alvaro played the part of gay boyfriend so well, so I went. In the cab, I was speaking to Alvaro as he asks me what my virtues were. I told him that I guess one of my virtues was that I'm nice, but that I'm nice to a fault and I'm nice to people who don't deserve it. During this conversation Alvaro grabs me roughly and kisses me and pushes his tongue down my throat. I was shocked and really confused. Here I was, thinking this guy was gay and someone I had spent a good long time speaking to, and the the next he grabbed me roughly without my consent and forced his tongue down my throat. Alvaro explains that he in fact is not gay, and that him saying he was gay was just a joke, that he thought I knew it was a joke. I tell him it was a bad joke and Alvaro seemed shocked that i actually thought he was gay. I said, well yes, I really thought he was gay, because he played the part so well. At some point from earlier he asked me if he weren't gay, if I would have accepted the coffee, and I said no, because the fact that he was gay made me feel safer. I told him that if he wasn't gay, I would not have gone with him. Well he apologized profusely and I was nice enough to forgive him, because I'm a nice person. This is really ironic, because right before he shoved his tongue down my throat without my conset, and I thought he was gay, I told him a virtue of mine was that I'm too nice to people who don't deserve it, and this was the case with Alvaro as well, as I now know. Because I was nice enough to forgive him and also because I wasn't familiar with where he had taken me, as the cab already arrived, I stuck near him because where else was I going to go? I was lost and not even sure where I was. We get to the hotel place from earlier, because he said it was a public place and I wouldn't have to worry about anything happening, we would be ina common area, but it's all booked up so he asks if I wouldn't mind just drinking a beer in a park or something. I don't know where I am and I'mt oo nice, and too naive, and I had forgiven him, so I thought well it would be bad if I said I forgave him and then make this akward, because maybe he is sincerely sorry. Well he gets the beers and says he has a friend living in a building. Turns out a few building entry tries later he actually doesn't have a friend living there. I thought maybe he was trying to figure out where his friend was at, I didn't realize he was trying to illegally sneak into a bilding. He sneaks us into a building and while there we sit down on some steps right outside where people live, and people are clearly home, because you can hear them coming and going constantly. While we are talking he keeps forcing himself on me and I keep pushing him off. He tells me he has a girlfriend which is another reason I keep pushing him off, because I felt what he was doing was terrible to her, including that I didn't want to make out with a random guy. After several times of having to push him off me (very rapey) he has me stand up because it sounds like someone is coming up the stairs where we are at. I did not want to get introuble for being in a building illegally, because I didn't need trouble in a foreign country. I stand up and he grabs me and kisses me again. I push him off once, but he kisses me again and I think that if i just kiss him back he'll stop. That's not what happens. He keeps getting more and more rough and alarm bells are rining in my head and I'm pushing him off me and when I look down he has his pants unzipped and his penis out. I'm freaking out, because I was pushing him off and I didn't even realize he had done it. I ask him what the fuck he is doing, and he plays it off like, this is normal. I'm standing there wide eyed, and say, "What are you doing!?" and He just stares at me and rubs himself up and down and He says, "this is like a present for you." I can't believe that just came out of his mouth so I I laughed in his face, and I pick up my stuff and Ii'm trying to walk down the stairs and take off but he grabs me back and wont let me walk down the stairs because the neighbors dog is barking and we can hear people and he doesn't want to get caught. I'm desparate to get away form this guy who has already shoved his tongue down my throat, who ignored my requests everytime I told him I didn't want him to kiss me and everytime i pushed him off me, and now the guy who is pulling his penis out and wont let me walk down the stairs. I tell him that if he doesn't let go of me I am going to yell or castrate him. When I said I was going to scream, he looked nervous and let me go. He's trying to get me to go in the elevator with him and I'm trying to get away and I walk down every single step from the top to keep away from him. I get out of the building to see him outside waiting for me and he runs back after me. He apologized and seemed so embarassed and sincere and I'm soooo naive, what is wrong with me and I"m lost as well and I don't know where the metro is. He seems so sorry and apologetic and said he didn't mean to do that, and he got cuaght up in the moment and he was extremely sorry. We get to the metro and I have my pass. He says he has to buy his ticket and for me to wait for him. I don't. as soon as I get my card swiped and he is trying to print a ticket to get to into the metro I make a break for it and I'm looking behind me to make sure he isn't behind me following. I get lost and don't know which metro will take me home and I decide to just pick one because I was afraid he would see where i was going. He ends up running after me and my heart sinks to my stomach when I see him, but he waves my phone at me and I have no choice but to stop and get my phone from him. He then follows me to the metro because he is going in the same direciton and the whole time I'm not sure what the fuck all happened. I'm confused, I feel angry, and I feel naive enough to feel a little bad for him because he was apologizing over and over and over agian. I made it clear I thought he was a creep and the whole time we rode the metro he kept trying to apologize and speak to me and I just nodded or ignored him and I didn't hide my discomfort or anger. He apologized profusely and said he didn't mean to scare me, and told me that he would never hurt anyone. Alvaro, at the end of this, asks me if I would forgive him, and I really did think maybe he really did make a mistake and really was sincere about being apologetic so I forgave him but I told him that I would forever think he was a creep, because that's exactly what Alvaro Reyes is. Reyes is an egotistial pervert and I laughed at his penis. I'm mad and I"m angry and as someone who has been sexually assaulted before, I'm even more furious. https://www.facebook.com/alvaroreyesdaygame his page

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