Women of Reddit: Have you ever had a gaming obsessed partner? If so, did you try to ween them off playing? And how successful was it?

My ex was obsessed with gaming to the point I'd consider it an addiction. He failed out of college twice because gaming nights took up all his time and he just didn't do his work.

He eventually joined the military and got stationed away from all his school friends. That's when we started dating. He fell back into his old habits a few months after I moved to be with him.

I'm not sure how he didn't get in trouble at work for his lack of hygiene. His hair was always greasy and his clothes smelled like BO to the point I didn't want to be close to him anymore. His white sheets have a discolored stain in the shape of his body. He refuses to eat anything but fast food and potato chips because cooking takes time away from games and twitch/youtuber videos. The only time we really got to talk is in his car when we were driving to get more junk food, but even then, gaming themed music played on his phone. I can't name a single thing he enjoys that isn't somehow related to gaming.

I've stayed in his life after we broke up, but I'm kind of relieved he's moving back in with his mom soon. He needed a parent and a maid, not a girlfriend.

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