Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?

One of the reasons I stopped was because of people(including men) who do porn just for money and would not be doing it otherwise or would not want to do it otherwise. Also because I felt it affected how much I focused/cared about looks in women which I did not like. And it is unproductive/ a waste of time.

Maybe because most of the actresses are a trafficked, exploited, drugged, abused, manipulated on set.

I have heard similar claims but I have also heard them being disputed just as much, especially with the amateur(a couple making porn in their apartment) and with the bigger porn productions, all the most famous porn stars, they speak well about the industry. I have been in the nofap community before and this was a big talking point there but there was never much evidence provided.

I guess a better point is that you can't be 100% sure that is not happening, unless the porn star you are watching has actually talked about their work before, which many have.

And anyway, porn use makes people into stupid porn consumers who can no longer enjoy sex with an actual real woman in front of them.

This is certainly the case but in a minority of people. You see it said a lot on nofap However the reality is that not everyone has this problem. It is basically when you are used to looking at a screen and your arousal is so connected to porn that an actual person is so different that it does not turn you on. This is reffered to as PIED or porn induced erectile dysfunction, although some experts will dispute the use of the term erectile dysfunction here.

Anyway, do you consider yourself "sex positive"?(I realize it is one of those vague terms that is almost useless because by itself is means so little) But do you find yourself agreeing with people who proclaim to be sex positive?

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