Women of Reddit, what are some safety precautions/tips that you would highly recommend for any woman who is going on a date?

Let at least one other person know where you’ll be & when to expect you back where you live. Text that person the date’s physical description & if your date it okay with taking a photo together, send that person a photo of you & your date together. If the date is driving, let the person know the make, model, & color of the car + license plates (or take a photo that includes the license plate & send it to them).

If you’re comfortable with it, turn location services on in your phone & allow the person to check your location. I’d do it through Snapchat because it’s the only way I’d know how to do it. But there are other apps/phone settings you can tinker with to allow other people to know where you are.

Don’t wear complicated shoes if the situation doesn’t call for it. Like if you’re going to a movie or casual dining, don’t wear high heels or other shoes that can fall off real easy. Just in case you have to run.

If you’re creeped out by the person, call the other person. Either have them come by the place you’re at & run into you ‘by mistake’, or call the other person & tell them to expect you back much sooner than later. If you don’t want the date driving you anymore, wait for the other person to come pick you up (or for a taxi or whatever ride share service you use) But whatever you do, don’t go anywhere else with the date if you’re even a little bit scared/anxious about the way they’re talking or behaving.

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