Women of Reddit, what’s your cringy “nice guy” story?

I was pretty lonely in high school and only had two people I really talked to by senior year. We'll call them Robert and David. Robert was laidback, sarcastic and funny, David was the class clown, couldn't focus (he claimed to have ADD), and was usually the guy that said "where's my hug?. All three of us took a science class together but ended up sitting in complete opposite ends of the classroom. I was sitting next to a popular smart basketball player (lets call him Chad) who I ended up having casual sex with. Chad knew everybody and was close to David, so Chad (with my permission) disclosed to David that we were having sex. We both thought it'd be funny to see how he'd react. He told him while he was on the phone with me but I was in his pocket. TURNS OUT that David got very upset. So upset in fact that he told Chad I have herpes (a complete lie) and that he should get himself checked out. I started yelling in his pocket, and eventually got put on speaker. I cursed him out for telling such a lie, for being a fake friend, and basically "being there for me" because he thought he was going to eventually get to fuck me since he was so nice. He got flustered, said "okay" and left. He unfriended us both on social media and I haven't heard from him since. It especially hurt because I thought he was actually a friend. Turns out he just saw me as pussy.

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