Women of Reddit, who is “that person” who is currently making life more awesome for you?

Sorry to be typical, but... yes, my boyfriend too!

I can't even begin to explain how I lived and saw myself before I met him. I was living in a cheap place in the Philippines and just resigned to nothing really happening in my life; I expected I'd be supporting myself and my older brother for years to come and never really strive for more. I didn't see the point in planning out a future.

But I met my boyfriend and against all my instincts, he showed me I was worth more than that. That it was okay to try harder and to want things for myself. I moved away from my old country to live with him and now I'm in the process of getting my driver's license finally (I'm 24 y/o) and have plans of completing my education in the near future, because I stopped going when I was just in middle school. I've also lost 20~ lbs, something I always wanted to do before but simply couldn't muster up the energy or motivation for.

I can suddenly see myself with a family, a baby. I want to be a better woman for him and for myself. We were LDR for two years and now that we're living together, I love every moment I wake up and see his face. He's an amazing man.

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