Women of Reddit who were guilted into dating a Nice GuyTM, how did it go and what was the last straw before the relationship ended?

Well, where do I even begin.....

The conversations were so boring and I figured we could work on that; the sex was amazing.

He seemed nice and did all the things that I guess other women would want in a relationship, like being showered with money, letting them have their way etc. But it wasn’t what I wanted.

Then later I found out he’d lied about being a doctor, he worked at a call centre and was actually getting himself into debt trying to ‘shower’ me with money, even though I repeatedly told him that’s not the kind of guy I wanted. And he kept talking about getting married...quickly. I have a good paying job and a year before we met I’d also kinda come into some money.

I confronted him about the lies and he called them ‘differences of opinion’. That was it for me.

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