Women shouldn't talk like men in order to be taken more seriously

A lot of what you said was directly to the commenter you responded to, but there are a few points that I feel could be open for others.

You talk about the legitimacy of judging others on their speech. You compare it's irrelevance to that of race, etc. But that is obviously untrue. As humans we need to judge people; there is no way we can actually get to know everyone and their backgrounds and motivations. Speech is an obvious choice in many areas that require education or require someone to present themselves well. Language skills often show how well someone is educated, or at the very least how much effort they have put into improving themselves and how they present themselves. Yes, many people do not have language skills at the same level as their other skills and intelligences. But the fact of the matter is that when a quick judgment is needed on someone's credibility, if they can't even convey what they are trying to say, then our immediate judgment must be that they don't seem to know what they're talking about or have much credibility. That is valid because we should be constantly open to changing our opinions. The fact that many people aren't open to these changes in opinion (even though our psychology often fights against them) is the error, not the fact that we make judgments.

Yes, you say "'overall presentation'" provides a basis for our judgments, but I say that these judgments are fair because we need to make an initial judgment and speech is literally the only thing we have in many cases. For example, if we are listening to, say, Planet Money and there's someone talking about a field we know nothing about, we will often assume they are knowledgeable if they use jargon. Yet if they sound unsure of themselves it's unfair to judge them? This can be literally our only basis for passing judgment on what they say.

This is where I don't feel like typing anymore.

TL;DR: if I actually made one, you wouldn't be able to accurately judge the content of what I wrote, although if I said it in a confident way, an outsider might think that I was right.

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