Women- what did you find you needed after no longer having a man/defauly someone to call in your life?

Adult skills. Like general adulting. I was 22 when my EXH and I moved in together. He was 37, and he’s a super handy kind of person in general. He took care of all the money and bills. (Thanks to him I have Aplus credit) He took care of all the general house maintenance. Anything ever broke, it was unusual that he couldn’t fix it, but he always knew the right person to call to fix it. He left me in our huge house (now sold thankfully) with things starting to fall apart. Like the fountain, heating unit, leaking window seals. It was not fun figuring it all out but F HIM CAUSE I MANAGED!!! I had to dig, learn, adapt. Also learned how to set up ALL my bills on auto pay cause my ass forgets!!

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