Why Women Find White Men More Attractive

Look I get where you're coming from, but racism IS real and it is a big problem that materially impacts social, professional, and yes, dating prospects. Asian men are like a hit and run victim bleeding out on the pavement, and self improvement is just a bandaid. Now, is a bandaid better than nothing? Absolutely. But ultimately, we still need surgery or we're gonna die from internal hemorrhaging.

Wrt to dating: Asian men can get laid, fact. Self improvement (focused on looks and pulling the trigger) can definitely help a brother score girls. Will he score as many or as high quality girls as his white equivalent? No. Will he have to be 10x better than an average white dude to achieve similar results? Yes. Is systemic racism to blame for this? Yes.

I'm all for advocating (the right kind) of self improvement. It definitely makes day to day existence more bearable to have a cute girl to come home to. At the same time, I am completely against being willfully blind to the truth, or worse, internalizing the self hatred and stereotypes - it helps nobody and delays the medical care we so desperately need. We are the "sick men" of the West, and it's about time we get to a hospital instead of denying a problem exists and slathering on tiger balm.

Tbh, I care more about achieving social and political power as an AsAm than getting laid, but I would never downplay the romantic struggles of our brothers. Choosing a partner is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life, and I'm not one of these hyenas that want to make guys feel insecure about it. Gays made a big deal about their love life, and got a case in front of the US Supreme Court. I can totally see why a big chunk of our demographic obsess about it, and I want them to know a lot of it is not their fault.

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