Women who are married, what type of ring do you wear? If you've stopped wearing your engagement ring, what do you have instead, and what were the reasons for switching?

I didn't want to do the whole ring thing, but my parents pushed me into using a family ring.

My mom made such a big deal out of it that it gave me massive anxiety. If I was wearing it, I wasn't being careful enough with it. If I wasn't wearing it, I needed to be wearing it. I tried so hard to keep it safe that I ended up losing it.

Home owner's insurance covered half the value, which I was going to put into a new car. But I felt so guilty that the money came from a lost family ring, that I ended up buying another one to "replace it".

The new one is from Point No Point Studios, conflict free black diamonds with recycled gold and I only wear it for special occasions. It's beautiful, but I definitely wouldn't have regretted putting the money toward a car.

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