To women who leave messages unread or don't reply straightaway, how do you do this?

I do so unintentionally (maybe I’m too slow to respond) but I categorize what I need to reply to based on how urgent and necessary it is. If I need to reply to confirm certain details, I reply immediately or as on as possible. If it’s just casual conversation, it can wait a while as whether I reply or not doesn’t really have critical consequences.

For example, with my partner when they ask “Do you need me to pick up X item at the store?” while out, I’ll reply straight away. Or if a friend is confirming the day / time of when we are meeting up, or family setting a FaceTime date, sam approach, I’ll also reply pretty promptly.

But, if someone is just sharing a link or meme with me or asking, “How are you?” I’ll put it in the backlog for “later” when I have some quiet time and feel energized enough to reply.

For some friends, I know they probably expect a faster reply because that’s what they are used to and do themselves. But, I’ve accepted I’m not them and it also goes both ways. People don’t have to reply at lightning speed just because that’s what they are expecting / makes them comfortable.

It may help to try not replying and see what happens as sort of exposure therapy. Maybe the anxiety and urge to reply comes from a place of fear as to what may happen.

I’ve done this personally by giving myself permission to lower my standards of what I feel like I should be doing. In the end, everything turns out okay and people understand life happens and not replying asap is normal.

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