Women who microdose mushrooms: 'It makes me enjoy playing with the kids' - Before the school run, or commuting to work, increasing numbers are taking tiny doses of psychedelic drugs in the UK.

Nah, I ain't scared of eating chicken in jail. My life is a prison, I take drugs to escape. But mostly (in moderation) to function. Sure got a few crazy stories under my belt. But what about the violence I endured, watching my gf get raped and we bot almost killed? Why do no doctors help me? Oh yea, I do drugs that's what, thanks anti drug laws. Figure why I got to buy my own damn xanax to fucking even be able clean my house. 2 weeks on, two weeks off. Yea, PTSD does that to you. I am working through it, I am microdosing shrooms, taking MDMA with people and telling them about what happened, ketamine, LSD, 2cb you name it quit my job which I couldn't function in without benzodiazapines.

I now got all drug use under control and lately, I am not so angry anymore. The PTSD is actually gotten better. Dude, life isn't so black and white that you portray it.

I self-medicate, I literally begged doctors to help me but all I hear is quit drugs. Not quite an option at the moment, besides they are helping. Not abusing them. Also I don't want to, I do not have issues with drugs like you, quite enjoy them. No problems being 3 months sober either. It is perhaps you that should take shroom trip to stop fiending over drugs, they are just different states of mind. The sober state is always the most sustainable state and should be cherished sure, but don't demonize drugs.

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