Women who voluntarily become single moms are stupid and don't deserve praise.

A woman shouldn’t have to have a man’s consent to abort or to keep the pregnancy.

I kept my baby despite my baby daddy not wanting a child because it was my body and my right to chose. At the end of the day, it’s going to be me who has to deal with the majority of the consequences of being pregnant and being a parent.

My mom was shitty too. She was a 5x5 who used her ability to procreate as a way to secure her relationships which inevitably blew up in her face when the man decided to leave. Even when these guys bailed out and got sued for child support, it was still only a check a month that was the extent of their responsibility as a parent.

If a guy wants to be guaranteed that he won’t become a father, he can abstain from sex or get a vasectomy. All of life’s choices come with consequences and anytime a man and woman engage in PIV sex, they are taking a chance that conception can occur. No man is owed an abortion.

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