Women with ADHD, what are experiences/symptoms that are often overlooked?

Well, I got diagnosed almost two years ago at age 26. I always thought of myself as lazy, a procrastinator, over thinker, disorganized, messy person; in hindsight they are all symptoms of a neurological disorder called ADHD. I was so relieved when I got the diagnosis, I felt validated. In terms of symptoms: I get bored very easily, my mind is always racing or ruminating, I zone out when people are speaking directly to me, I forget what people have told me just a few minutes before but remember many useless facts from years ago, my working memory is terrible, I get very easily distracted and have a compulsion to multitask, I am quiet but wont shut up if you know me well, I find it hard to not think or sit and do nothing, I am constantly looking for things to stimulate me, if I don’t want to do something or am bored it is downright PAINFUL (I already have low levels of dopamine), I get excited about new things but move on quickly to new topics, I find it hard to articulate my thoughts, I have insomnia and probably delayed sleep syndrome, I have trouble maintaining long term friendships but I tend to make good first impressions, my energy or enthusiasm gets depleted very quickly, I go on frequent tangents, I am a perfectionist, I am never satisfied, I care little about the external world, I am very introspective and a loner, quiet and was ignored in grade school but flailing on the inside, I’ve never understand many social cues, I am successful but feel like I am never doing enough, etc. Also run on sentences are my specialty.

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